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Change Log


  • Complete re-working of the comparison report. Similar to the database report but highlights any differences and provides side-by-side comparison of objects.
  • Minor bug fix to Assembly Builder tool.
  • Creates webservice 'wrappers' for .Net assemblies.

v0.5 First Stable Release

  • Complete re-working of database report - now creates a single report that covers all non-system objects within a database
  • Assembly Builder tool generates VB.Net and C# code.
  • DAL code generation now generates code to use DGC.Data
  • Underlying code changes make it easier to write classes to generate code in other .Net languages.

v0.4 Beta 3

  • Addition of Assembly Builder Tool (VB.Net code only)
  • Fix to SQL Server User login bug

v0.3 Beta 2

  • Addition of Database Comparison Tool

v0.2 Beta 1

  • Full C# code generation
  • Enhanced object browser
  • HTML based reports replace Crytal Reports.Net based reports
  • Change to MDI environment to allow multiple server connections

v0.1 Alpha (Initial Release)

  • Stored procedure generation
  • VB6 code generation
  • VB.Net code generation
  • Partial C# code generation
  • Crystal Reports.Net based reports

Last Updated: 27 August 2004.