DGC.Data Programmer's Reference

DGC.Data Namespace

The DGC.Data namespace consists of the factory class DALFactory that provides a single static method (GetDAL) that returns an object that supports the IDal interface.

The IDal interface provides methods that utilise the ADO.NET architecture in a vendor neutral way. The same code is written wether you are accessing a SQL Server database, an OLEDB compliant database, or an ODBC compliant database. This makes your code more portable and easier to maintain. The best thing overall is that less code has to be written and so less to maintain and debug

Objects returned via the GetDAL method support data access best practices with late opening of database connections and early closing to provide a more scalable solution.


DALFactory A factory class that creates objects that implement the IDal interface.
DALParameter Represents a parameter.


IDal Represents a DAL object that provides access to and operations on a specified database.


DBType Specifies the ADO.NET provider type to be used when connecting to the database.
ParameterDirections Specifies the type of a parameter within a query.
ParameterTypes Specifies the data type of a field, property, for use in a DALPArameter.